Kuusamontie 65, 98900 Salla
0400 292 796
Rehtori: leena.hautajarvi@salla.fi


Internationality is a fixed part of study life of Salla High School. We provide access to high-quality education for students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Also, Salla High School provides a wide range of physical activity. This creates good opportunities for postgraduate students in future accomplishments and gives them all the skills they will need in the future.

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Salla High School offers

Student feedback.

 Samuli Anttila



Salla High School is pretty good. Small group sizes make it possible to personalize teaching and the teacher can help everyone personally. The scarcity of optional courses is a bit  vexing.

Lotta Kelloniemi



“Salla High School is a functional, tolerant and flexible high school. Russian classmates make Salla High School unique.”

Milan Gokkanen



“It may seem that high school in a small municipality is fiction (in the sense that the level of education is under suspect). However, time shows us that former Salla high school students (both Finnish and Russian) can be found at numerous universities around Finland. Salla Upper Secondary School offers good opportunities for postgraduate studies, as well as a peaceful environment where the mind can be at peace and stress is not as common as in the city.”

Ayrton Ramirez



“Sallan Lukio is an amazing place, teachers are great and the infrastructure is also top level.”