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History of Sallan High school

Salla High school was founded in 1966 and over than 1,650 students have graduated from it. Salla High School is located in the school center, in the same building as Sallatunturi School. The vision of Salla Municipality “Salla - far from everything, close to you - together with more vitality" Key strategic priorities for the municipality of Salla:
1. Well-organized and produced welfare services as a strong part of the municipal vitality
2. Salla motivates and supports the participation and influence of people
3. The vitality of the international Salla is based on pure nature and the sustainable use of natural resources

The purpose of upper secondary education is to support the growth of students into good, well-balanced and educated people and active members of society, and to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and competencies needed in their working life, hobbies, and personal growth. In addition, the training is designed to equip students for lifelong learning and continuous self-development.

Salla High School is an internationally profiled high school with strong competence in educational co-operation with Russia. Salla High School has been developing its activities in accordance with a strong local education plan. All Salla municipal education services are involved in it.

Salla High School is a place where regular, international and adult students study in the same classroom. In our school, we promote all kinds of activities which will give our students readiness to study and improve their information gathering skills.

The operational culture of Salla High School is guided by the values of cultural activity (atmosphere of hope, collective optimism, team spirit, and mutual trust). These themes are present in all activities and are designed to promote the joy of learning, interaction, friendliness and community. "Meet, listen, discuss, and encourage" strategy also provide a good starting point for maintaining and developing a learning community.

The high school offers all Finnish compulsory courses, advanced courses as well as a number of applied courses. In addition, students can take online courses which are taught online or/and via video conferencing systems.

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